A Little BitAbout UsWhat the hell is Celtic Mayhem?

Our Achievements

We started on a street corner in East Lansing, Michigan. A few months later we had performed on both coasts of the United States and most points in between. We played for hundreds of people in sweaty college bars, and thousands of people at major festivals. We released our second album, "Every Direction", at a sold out House of Blues/Chicago show. We shared the stage with some bands you might expect, like The Clancy Brothers, Flogging Molly, and Black 47, and some bands you might not expect, like Koko Taylor, Hootie and the Blowfish, and Train. We fused traditional Irish music with rock and roll in an often imitated style we called Celtic Mayhem.

How we Formed

We never planned on being a Celtic Rock band. In the beginning, there were eight of us, all in different bands, and we thought we were getting together for a one time St. Patrick's Day gig. Things didn't go according to plan. We spent a lot of time in a van criss-crossing the US, and as old members got tired of road work, new members came in. About 40 different people spent time with The Lash.

Our Legacy

We left behind a lot of memories, sweat, photos, a nationally syndicated TV show (WKAR Backstage Pass), and three albums, available on iTunes, Amazon, GOOGLE Music, Pandora, Spotify, CD Baby, and pretty much anywhere else that sells or streams music. We'll leave you with this lovely quote - "On the surface, the Lash is leaving behind a pile of great songs and records," said Dominic John Davis, who played with The Lash and now plays bass for Jack White. "Underneath all of that, they leave us with all of the other mid-Michigan bands they helped and inspired… Seeing another band out on the road playing nationally and coming back to Lansing after each run really made it seem possible for the rest of us. It's the end of an era, but there are so many bands and artists playing still because of them. Now that's a legacy."

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